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Family Mediation:

The mediator can help parents to understand the effect of separation on children and how children can be supported though the process.
Family mediation is not a legal process. We strongly recommend that all participants seek independent legal advice throughout the process.

Family mediation is regulated in Ontario by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and nationally by Family Mediation Canada.

Family mediation is a voluntary, confidential process by which a neutral third party acts to assist parties in reaching mutually acceptable resolutions to separation, divorce, child custody and access. Mediation is an alternative to court, placing parties in a non threatening environment where they negotiate their own resolutions, thereby relieving the adversarial nature of legal proceedings. Court situations can be unpredictable in their outcomes whereas mediation can ensure issues are resolved by means that are fair and mutually agreeable. Mutually agreed solutions have a better chance of success and more relevance to the family than rules imposed by someone external to the family. The time and costs associated in participating in mediation can be a fraction of the time and costs associated with litigation. Additionally, if mediation does not produce successful results, traditional court processes can still continue. 

  Elder Mediation:

Elder mediation is a cooperative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator helps facilitate discussions that assist people in addressing the myriad of changes and stresses that often occur throughout the family life cycle.  Elder mediation typically involves larger numbers of participants including older people, family members, friends and others willing to give support.  Depending on the situation, it is not uncommon to include paid caregivers,hospital staff, nursing home and or community care  representatives, physicians and other professionals.  Elder mediation is now being recognized internationally as an important step in the continuum of care, promoting wellness, developing prevention strategies and enhancing quality of life.  The focus is on addressing concerns and issues while maintaining and strengthening the myriad of relationships critical to the well being of an older person.

  Parent/Teen Mediation:
  Parent\Teen Mediation is a confidential process that helps families develop workable solutions for daily living. Parent/Teen mediation can assist families experiencing conflict to come together to resolve their issues. A mediator provides the forum to assist the family in arriving at mutually acceptable solutions to dispute. The mediation process attempts to find common ground between parties to build foundations for more productive communication.
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